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MUI NE ACTIVITIES - Quad bike - Water sport - Spa - Kite Surfing - Winsurfing,.. mui ne activity Mui Ne Beach Activities | Mui Ne Activities Vietnam. Hotel Mui Ne Vietnam and Resort Mui Ne Vietnam offering a variety of Mui Ne activities including yoga and water sports together with a pool, library, golf, tennis and fitness centre Spas - Massages in Mui Ne No holiday is complete without a good long session relaxing in a spa, enjoying an oil or traditional massage and other luxurious treatments. There is a good range of spas in Mui Ne and Phan Thiet, both in hotels and in day spa centres. Post date: 04-06-2013 7,839 view(s) Several resorts offer great spa facilities, and independant spas are opening all the time. Mui Ne Spas & Massage Anantara Muine Resort & Spa Among the spa resorts Vietnam offers, the spa at Anantara Mui Ne is renowned for its oasis of total indulgence, relaxation and serenity. The wide range of replenishing treatments seamlessly blends modern techniques with ancient remedies. Allow healing hands to relieve your stress, their soothing touch infused with ylang ylang oils and the scent of fresh lemongrass. Or renew your body from the outside in, through scrubs of tamarind and herbal baths. All five spacious treatment rooms at this Vietnam luxury hotel are designed in stone and natural wood. Defined by streaming natural light and airy space, their tranquil design highlights and enhances the soothing menu of signature Anantara treatments. Opening hours: 9:00am – 10:00pm Booking at Anantara Mui Ne Victoria Phan Thief Beach Resort & Spa offers a yariety of spa treatments in any of six payilions right next to the beach. The payilions reflect the romantic design ofthe entire resort, which is designed along the lines ofa traditional Vietnamese country house. It is nine km from Phan Thiet. Address: Km 9, Phu Hai, Phan thiet Booking at Victoria Resort & Spa Mui Ne Full range of massage treatments. Very private. Water sport activities Take advantage of clear blue waters and the gentle breeze by spending an active day on the water. Windsurfing, sailing, snorkelling and kite surfing are just some of the exhilarating activities at Mui Ne. Post date: 04-06-2013 3,807 view(s) Contact to book basket boat, go fishing, kite surf, wind surfing, kite lessons in Mui Ne. Mui Ne is quickly becoming a South East Asian Mecca for kiteboarding and windsurfing. Mui Ne has the best conditions in all of Asia for water sports because it has Asia”s strongest and most consistent cross-onshore winds and the lowest rainfall in Vietnam. Every day is a perfect day. The area is often referred to by the water sports industry as "Mui Ne bay" although the bay is more correctly the "Bay of Phan Thiet" (Phan Thiet is the provincial capital of Binh Thuan Province and lies in the center of the bay). Depths in the bay are irregular, and a bank with depths of less than 5.5m, extends 1.5 miles west of Mui Ne. The true name of Mui Ne Beach is actually "Rang" but the tourist industry refers to it as Mui Ne, after the village on the point. Quad biking in Mui Ne Quad biking around the white sand dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam. ATV rental Mui Ne is definitely a side of Vietnam that is unknown to almost all overseas tourists. A hightlight to your trip to Mui Ne, the sand dunes are definitely a highlight not be missed, when visiting the province of Binh Thuan. Post date: 16-08-2013 22,739 view(s) Sand Dunes Mui Ne like a mini Sahara desert of sorts, and the best way to explore them is via a quad bike or a 4-wheel drive. To experience driving a quad bike when you plan a trip to Sand Dunes Mui Ne. You can hire quad bikes to ride up and down the dunes. Quad bike for rent : 20 minutes : 20 US$ 30 minutes : 25 US$ 60 minutes : 45 US$ Contact us to rent a quad bike in advance if you plan for an excursion to white sand dunes . Mr. Tuan telephone: (+84)933 565 263 / (+84)90 8735 216. Or by email :

  • Spa - Massage ở Mũi Né

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    Spa - Massage ở Mũi Né Tận hưởng sự quan tâm đặc biệt với tất cả các liệu pháp chăm sóc sắc đẹp, giữ gìn sức khỏe và thư giản tinh thần. Sẽ đem lại sự cân bằng năng lượng cho cơ thể và tâm hồn, tạo nên cảm giác thư thái tuyệt vời cho một kỳ nghỉ thú vị. Nếu mệt mỏi sau một ngày vật lộn cùng các môn thể thao trên biển, khách du lịch cần được xoa bóp các cơ bắp đang căng cứng. Hãy ghé một trong số các trung tâm spa trên đường Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, nguồn sinh lực khách du lịch sẽ được phục hồi và đem lại tâm thế hoàn toàn mới để tiếp tục hành trình khám phá Phan Thiết về đêm.

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  • Hoạt động thể thao trên biển

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    Hoạt động thể thao trên biển Lướt ván buồm, lướt ván diều (diều lượn) trên biển là một trong những môn thể thao đến với biển Việt Nam theo chân du khách nước ngoài. Biển Mũi Né có được thiên nhiên tuyệt vời với bãi cát dài và những con sóng vừa phải thích hợp cho những ai yêu thích môn thể thao lướt ván buồm trên sóng – một môn thể thao chỉ dành cho những ai đủ can đảm và có một sức khỏe tốt.

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